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To answer your question, it's sort of both. Mostly however it's backing tracks for people looking for mixtape music, etc., but I wanted to also add tracks for game developers to utilize. Don't really think that commercial jingle music would fit in this store, but then again who knows.

Could you expound on the broadcast royalties you were talking about earlier? I'm guessing that a blend of both would be the best way to go aka some tracks leased under non-exclusive and exclusive, and the other thing you were talking about.

Managing the product is my problem right now as I'm not entirely sure what I'm loosing.

Either way, I'll also take a look at how Audio Network is doing it as they seem similar to what I'm doing.

I hate the fact that it's looking more and more likely to consult with a lawyer as I know that's going to be friggin expensive...unless anyone has tips on getting legal advice? Sucks to have to pay like $500 to get a yes or a no fml -_-.