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Old 1st September 2012
Here for the gear

Hi. I'm not entirely sure if I'm reading your post correctly, but anyway I've provided a lot of music for TV and library CDs so maybe can help.

Every time I'm commissioned to compose and produce a track, part of my fee goes towards providing a licence for the client to use the track for their needs without them having to pay repeat fees each time the track is broadcast. This is called a buy out and involves me preparing a document that grants permission for them to the use the track in the way they have requested.

I can sell buy out licences to several clients to use the same track. A buy out doesn't mean its exclusive. I've been commissioned to provide original music for over 300 productions and only once given exclusivity. Its something that some high end clients might want, for example a big budget commercial where they don't want other people using that track, but most of time these days people just want access to cheap music and don't expect exclusivity. If you want to offer exclusivity, I would charge per month.