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I hope this isn't taken as "pimping" as it is not my intent, only that I take pride in the very things you are speaking of. Microphone technology needs to be pushed forward, the psychosocial weight of classic microphones has been the bane of this required advancement. Their sound notwithstanding, as they are truly great sounding. However, at present, I have observed the psychological association has dominated the sonic merits (perhaps even supplementing them). Enough history has passed in order to conflate the issues (as to what is sonic and what is if there weren't enough difficulty separating these aspects, if there even IS a difference). Sound, being subject to a wide variety of criteria is a difficult thing to get a grasp on, especially for a manufacturer. The issue I see, and have seen, in a variety of internet and live fora is one of the following: Can a "modern" microphone ("modern" being used in a purely chronological context as opposed to a technological one) "sound" as good as one of older design and implementation across such a large palette of sources. "Sounding good", when referred to those of older types, is the area of contention....the definition of this has been vague at best ("magic" and "mojo") to dogmatically luddite at worst. There is, of course, the other side of the fence that states it's all in the dynamic distortions and various other interdependent, measurable, criteria.

It is of my stance that great sound with different design IS achievable. The true answer as to why it isn't done in a widespread/popular manner is a multi-fold socioeconomic answer that my already protracted post couldn't even scratch the surface short it comes down to; marketing, fear, money. Nonetheless, new, great sounding, tube and solid state designs do exist and can take their place amongst the hall of hero's, if one were to be so bold.

The Pegasus microphone that we create is a inductor/choke loaded pentode, run as an actual pentode (a never before used pentode), a toroidal output transformer, a Stephen Paul audio ultra low mass large diaphragm (1.2micron) with only film caps in the microphone (output cap is of our design). I wont even go into the power supply.

We will bringing to market a microphone we have dubbed The Dove. Which will be a non-phantom powered solid state microphone, with bi-polar (+/-) power supply rails, separate capsule loading and output/driver circuits, dc servo output (so the transformer is directly coupled to the circuit)...We are working on integrating a controllable, 30dB Jensen 990 gain stage into its power supply chassis (by-passable of course, if you want to use a different, external pre)....our Thunderbird microphone will embody the same concepts except tubed.

We also feel that regarding looks, things can be "classic" but also beautiful and modern. Industrial design is important and, in a way, a part of a mics substance.

I have spoken with Mr.Josephson about a wide variety of things many times, and he is an incredibly intelligent individual, with microphones, and more importantly, standards beyond reproach. I would say that a purchase of one of his microphones would do anyone a bit of sonic good, lolol.

I wish ALL gear "pimps" were as articulate and as humble as this gentleman. Great post, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new mics in the future.