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Quite a stupid analysis in my opinion. The quality of pop music has not changed, just accessibility.

Don't you think people have said popular music is **** for the past 40 years? Because they have.

The reason for the decline is piracy, pure and simple. You ain't gonna pay for something that you can get for free, especially when everyone else is getting it for free too.

You say you wouldn't buy songs from 'Gag Gag', 'Bibber' and 'Goatyeah' (hilarious), but you fail to mention that sales of single songs have skyrocketed thanks to the digital era. If 'Gag Gag', Adele, 'Bibber', Taylor Swift can shift 5-10million copies of an album in an age when hardly anybody buys albums, imagine how many copies they would've sold when people DID buy albums.