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What I find amusing is the kind of person who can't find anything good to listen to now would have been the same sort of person who, had they also been 40 years old in 1967 , wouldn't have given Aretha or Hendrix a listen either. Some people only like th music they grew up with.... to me - that's not someone who loves music generally but rather equates music to times in their life, which is as good a reason as any. I'm more of a "likes music generally - intrigued to see what people from all walks do..".

Personally? I've found stuff I have liked from every single year since recording began... love Gershwin, love Dylan, love the Stooges ( o yes) - > Know what? Love modern rock from QOTSA or Jack White... but I also like Adele and Gaga... cant stand Beiber and the phoney ****e around - but you can't lob Gaga, Adele of Goatboy into the same pile. Its the same difference as listening to Wings and the Bay City Rollers back in the day - one was pretty good, one utter trash. Or the Eurthymics in 84 and Modern Romance. One great - one ****e.

Im gonna make a guess here - and it's not negative, but is what it is - OP are you now about 36 years old?