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Old 31st August 2012
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It doesn't work that way though when they're literally removed from the picture. When you go to the grocery store, there's no farmers there asking a price. It comes down to your desires, and the costs involved.

If I discover that I downloaded your music without paying, and I've used it to either improve my life or help me survive, and you're right here, in the picture, saying you need money to eat, I'll type my PayPal password.

But I'm not going to bother to go seek out legal channels, read a bunch of terms, create account, setup payment method, then have to undertake the task of previewing songs, and thinking about which I should buy with my limited funds.

I will either download some songs when it's practically free, or not. Music isn't in short supply. If all the places to get the professional stuff free were gone, then I'd just be listening to less polished recordings made in bedrooms.

People only pay if there's a real reason to. For a lot of people, they simply don't know how to download for free, and their hardware MP3 player came with some software they installed that sets up a scenario where you pay $1 for a song.

They're not paying because they're doing the right thing, trying to support quality produce from organic farmers. They're just in a different equation, and the costs to buy are smaller than their desire and funds, so they do.

If there are quality producers, and I won't have anything good to listen to if they aren't supported, then get out there and make yourself part of the local picture. Come on a "pirate" site and post your PayPal address.

Seriously, do that. It might be surprising to people who keep equating cars to songs, but not to "pirates". They are clever and powerful, setting up distribution bigger than record companies out of a community spirit.

They are your friends, if you want them to be. If you see people downloading your stuff unauthorized somewhere, go introduce yourself to them, and post your PayPal. I guarantee you'll receive some payment.

That's a real guarantee, where if someone reading this does it and gets nothing, I will PayPal you.