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The artist is out of the picture. It's like saying you eat what is right by the farmer.

It's about cost, not US dollars.
I'm a believer that if you rule your decision making purely on cost, you lose out in the end.
Of course you have to think of the farmer.
If you demand such low cost, farmers have to cut corners to survive.
In recent years we've seen numerous deaths from bacterial outbreaks in farmed products.
In reality it's a balancing act. Just the same with music.
You don't want to over compensate, but at the same time you have to understand what the base cost of producing a quality product is.
Pay under that cost, and you are importing products from 3rd world countries with less stringent chemical bans in place. Pay much less for music and you are reducing the numbers of full time exponents, and reducing the hours they can spend on their work.
The walmart (low cost is king) model is proving to be a mistake in food production. And will be seen to be a disaster in the arts too.