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Old 30th August 2012
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I think the reason music sales are in massive decline is:

Most of this music sucks ass. Plain and simple.

I would not buy anything from Adele, Justin Bibber, Lady Gag Gag, Taylor Swift, Reeyawna, Leetle Wayne, Goat e "yea." Etc, etc, etc...

Anything I have heard on FM radio in the last ten years.. I would not buy.

On top of that, there is a ton of media fragmentation, and a ton free and legal listening alternatives...

That is why the music bizz is changing. But there is still an opportunity here.. I believe it with all my heart. No.. Its not the same opportunity it was.. and you are wasting your time if you are searching for, "1980s, and getting paid to engineer on Springsteens next hit."

But there is definitely an opportunity for good, independent producers.. I know there is.. its just very hard to figure out, but its definitely there!