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Old 1st October 2003
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It appears that DSD will be a great delivery format.

Possibly very cool to mix to as E-cue alludes;
(Although from a few conversations I've had, possibly NO advantages to mixing to DSD vs. PCM: because of the need to do several conversions at mastering to and from PCM, thus potentially degrading audio more than what would've occured by just mixing to PCM)...

But (more importantly) at this point, (and excuse me if I blinked and missed it), DSD is totally unacceptable for production work.

I can be as hardcore 'traditional' as almost anyone, but a format where you CANNOT PUNCH IN or OUT is so far from usable it's absurd. Fine for live remotes or mixing, or possibly classical, but unacceptable for studio work.

Am I the only one? I can't fathom trying to do a 'modern' production w/o punching!... No edit, no mixing, fine. But NO PUNCHES???