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Gum Ball Studio is my my private living room studio, so named when a friend noted my daughters toy gum ball machine in the corner; it would be unknown, except for a few local releases to niche audiences(sound familiar?), and I'm happy to keep it that way.

In various past projects, original and otherwise, I've headlined special events and played main stages, played to thousands and had regional air play. One project after my leaving went on to become a regional southern California name and had multiple small record offers before finally throwing it in. Why? They realised that after all the many years of effort they were just getting started; they were tired of it, and they had success and a following. They knew they'd have to live on the road and didn't want to give up their lives and the stability of their day jobs. When I left it was for the same reason.

No, I'm not an EDM musician(maybe EDM programmer is a better term:-), though I do enjoy dubstep. I've played and performed live in Indie bands, dance, rock, funk, blues, country, smooth jazz, straight jazz, you name it, and recorded with most of them. I've also worked as a studio musician and recorded in many local studios and for various local records. You know what? Mostly it's all the same. Oh sure, different stagewear and tones, but it's all entertaining people and trying to gain band recognition. I only offer all this as you seem to need my credentials to determine whether my words are valid or not.

No one acheives the musical goals you've laid out without performing and busting a LOT of ass, pushing anything and everything to get there. You're talking years. Artists don't suddenly get discovered; years of careful pushing manage to culminate in finally getting noticed