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Assange wont be executed if he's extradited here. No European nation would extradite him if there was even a slim possibility of the death penalty. Anyway I have little sympathy for Assange. Manning yes, he and the ones who take the risk and do the actual work for Wikileaks are far more deserving of support than Assange. Assange is only interested in promoting himself.
I agree mostly, but regardless of whether you sympathise with him, Assange is culpable under US law and would receive at very least a lengthy prison sentence for his involvement in the distribution of the material, which is an example of US censorship law to protect its own interest (and I can think of many other examples of unjust oppression).

Anyway, I'm just trying to demonstrate that in the grand scheme of things there really isn't that much difference between Russia and any other nation. I mean, how difficult would it be to get arrested and thrown in jail for offensive behaviour in any city?