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Just an update. Two Pussy Riot members escaped Russia, and plan to spread their message globally. I wish them the absolute best! But to continue with the thread theme...

I feel this is more of a human issue than a political issue, although it's a fuzzy area to wade around in.

Being put in jail for 2 years for what they did seems UNJUST for anyone in the world. Also, this type of justice seems obviously very corrupt and non-impartial.

Political Issue: Even though I don't agree with the government that cuts off the hand of a thief, I can see that there's a certain amount of fairness there, and I can understand a group of citizens being okay with that. I will disagree, and fight to keep it out of my country, but I will mostly stay out of that countries affair regarding that issue.

Human Issue: On the other hand (no pun intended), is a government that would mutilate the female genitalia so that the girl grows to never feel pleasure. This is something I find to be absolutely barbaric and not right for anyone in the world. This is an issue where I wish to reach out and help my fellow human being, who is in a situation where they are powerless.