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I think the poster's point is whether you're trying to reach tens or thousands, Indie radio or the big boys, a couple clubs/dj's or dozens really makes no difference in terms of how one goes about getting yourself known. Both are professional, both involve the same sort of promotion and sweat equity in the form of press management, interviews, live performance, etc.. The artist's you admire did and still do these things; they have to. And considering what a niche audience EDM is they probably had to do alot more of it than average to get where they are now. You're talking YEARS of effort and/or big bucks in P.R. and broad promotion, and I'd bet none of them had the big bucks :-) .

Even on a small level any success you manage will only be based on a lot of time and a lot of hassle. Most pro music projects I've been involved with took years just for our name to begin to be recognised a little around our home town let alone anywhere else. You've got your work cut out for you; are you really willing to put in that kind of effort to achieve your goals? Oh, and relocating for your day job would likely be the same as starting over for your purposes.