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I feel like this thread is now coming undone. Let me repeat again - for the 4th time:

- I'm NOT quitting my day job.

- I'm NOT looking to make money in music.

- I'm not looking for my music to explode and become a hit / sensation.

- I just want more people to hear my music - preferably in some underground clubs, by other producers, music enthusiasts (specifically people who like weird techno / house / experimental), college radio stations, Internet stations. Now if I'm lucky to get signed to a decent underground label , and get some decent reviews written up on Wire or Resident Advisor or XLR8R or anywhere basically, i'll be extremely pleased. THAT'S IT. I don't care if I make a dime off of it.
This seems contradictory to me, like saying i want to wear a ball cap, slug a ball with a bat in Yankee Stadium but not be a "baseball player".

I have yet heard a magic bullet answer that does not include some form of monetary investment, or being at the right place at the right time meeting the right people and having the right song.

Many famous musicians give "luck" a lot of credit....