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I look at people like Butch Vig & his crew out practically in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin just killin it & running an awesome studio (Smart Studios). Think everyone involved there was a true pro & knew everything? I think not. Create a story where you're at & people will find out about u & u won't even have to advertise.

I went to visit Radiostar Studios in Weed, California, Sylvia Massy-Chivy's studios. Guess what? She has no competition there & rules the land.

Us engineers need to get smarter as business people, people who can persuade & get money for things & facilities worth having. We do need to be nice as far as dealing w/ clients, but as business people we need to learn to be more aggressive sometimes. The aggressive ones are ones who eat in this game. Thank God for the hitmakers around me. I don't always like their music they do but I get to see how the do business & it makes me mad how nice & gullable & mediocre I allowed myself to be at certain times.