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Yes, I am looking into some things like that. I have actually been trying to find a production partner, but somebody with the required skill set is tricky to find.

Building are cheap here compared to L.A, but I miss all my L.A friends.
I hear u. It's hard for professionals like us to count on other people & we're so picky cuz we kind of have to be. But you'll never find the perfect person. Just find the best u can. Don't expect them to be on your level or you'll drive yourself nuts. Music excites everyone. Find a motivated person willing to listen & learn from u & let u kind of lead the whole thing cuz of ur experience. Even if they're really not good, it's OK cuz they'll pick up better ways of working from being involved w/ u. Stay open to their ideas too, I'm telling u, u will learn some stuff too. I didn't think I could learn anything from a lot of people I'm around now but I do, every day. Respect what they say & think too & let them know it. Us engineers can be a lil snooty sometimes (me included) but you're in a place where it really doesn't make sense to be. I know I'm preachin to the choir here tho. Haahaa sorry man I'm just really feelin positive today.