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If one considers that "helping musicians against filesharing" was the sole purpose and the entirety of the effect of the proposed SOPA/PIPA bills, then I can see how one could find it strange that Google and Wikipedia would black out their homepages in an effort to raise awareness against this legislation, but would not do so in response to a two-year prison sentence for three Russian political activists. In reality, that was not the sole purpose of those bills, nor would that have been the entirety of their effect, and the scope of these two matters is leagues apart despite a facile similarity of free speech or censorship.
Well, no. It wasn't just "helping musicians against filesharing". It was also helping movie producers, authors, and all other owners of intellectual property.

And it wasn't just filesharing - it was all types of copyright infringement/IP theft, most notably Google's desire to be able to grab any IP they wanted and put it out for free on Google Books, Google Music, Google Whatever.

The file sharers are just the shock troops. Expendable in Google's long range plan.

OTOH, Google's long range plan has no place for Pussy Riot, or any other real issues of free speech/human rights.

Why don't you guys just admit that you've been on the wrong side and join us?