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just let me know when that big internet protest is going to take place in opposition to ACTUAL censorship and oppression as opposed to the imagined Google variety...
So you admit that Pussy Riot isn't doing anything to help the starving children of Africa. That's really quite a shame because I for one am concerned about the starving children of Africa. I take it that you aren't: when was the last time you spoke out on behalf of the starving children in Africa, anyway?

My opinion is that if you speak out on behalf of one injustice, you have an imperative to speak out on behalf of all injustice. It might be difficult to get anything done this way, but I know you agree because you think Google and Wikipedia should use their sites to influence all issues of justice, not primarily only ones that affect their principal operation. Pussy Riot may be Russian activists with a focus on issues of governmental corruption and oppression in Russia, but they really need to finally take a stand on the matter of starving children in Africa.

In fact, maybe Google should become a search index of injustice; not a search engine of internet websites, and Wikipedia should become a wiki of worldwide injustice; not just an encyclopedia. And for that matter, maybe Gearslutz should stop being a forum where one can discuss how much better their analog mixer is than its digital equivalent, or how much better their digital mixer is than its analog equivalent, and could rather be a site dedicated to somehow using both digital and analog mixers to rectify all forms of injustice.

I think we may be onto something here. The one problem is that I don't think the starving children of Africa can eat either analog or digital mixers.