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Can anyone tell me what Pussy Riot was doing to feed the starving children of Africa? I'd really like to know. Frankly, Pussy Riot's silence on the subject of starving children of Africa is highly worrisome to me as an individual who is concerned about starving children in Africa. If Pussy Riot would finally take a stand on the matter of starving children in Africa, they might garner more than 140,000 signatures of support for their cause. Well, I'll just keep reading Google News' dedicated section for Pussy Riot news, in anticipation of the time when Pussy Riot finally speaks out about the starving children in Africa.
just let me know when that big internet protest is going to take place in opposition to ACTUAL censorship and oppression as opposed to the imagined Google variety...


real censorship = no action.

imagined censorship = internet blackout and massive disinformation campaign

ok, wow.

it's about money. not censorship.