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Err... if we all lived in a country where you didn't have to pay for ****, then yes.. we would probably give our product away.
But back in reality, in our (and most) non-socialist/communist countries people have to do this thing called "Earn a Living".
What that literally means is you need to earn money to live, if you don't you can't eat and will literally die.
So, by you and your ilk stealing music, you're literally killing musicians...

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All that is capitalistic rubbish to me sorry. I'm not saying this to be rude so let me explain it better.
There is no crime in sharing music if you think about it from a clear perspective. Its the law that made it a crime. Well who made those laws?
What if the business around music would stop, would music die with it?
Do not think about it only from a economic (business) point of view but as a humanistic view point.
Joss Stone - positions of the copyright industries are not necessarily shared by the artists - YouTube

I don't care if this guy shared 1 of 10000 songs music should be shared. The more artist putting out royalty free music the better. Create money on tours etc.
Madonna and other famous artists have enough cash now right? why do they keep wanting more? When is enough enough? What is stopping them from giving music away for free? Again why should most people be happy with these outdated copyright laws? I copied all my original albums to my hard drive and gave the albums (about a 1000 of them) away for free. Should I be sued now? Basically I did the same as the guy only in a much more slower oldskool way. For the record I'm not sharing any copyrighted material on internet.

Pulling out car thieves and such proofs the lack of understanding how the real world should work. Can you download a car?
Not yet because if that was possible we would all drive the best car possible. heh
3D printers are coming a long way and getting cheaper, better every year. Tell me how this current (clearly corrupt) system can survive this new technology?
Most jobs are in the service sector now and most of those jobs will also be replaced my machines and technology in the near future.

Let me go deeper on that..

You don't want your own car all you wan't is a car available when you need it.
A more open source society would have cars on most streets with AI that can take you anywhere you wanna go.
Installed with sensors and the best technology so you wouldn't even have to steer it yourself, clean it, repair it etc. Also it would lower the rate on accidents.
Yes I have seen to much movies but no this is not sciencefiction.

But what do we do? We build this big lineup of crappy cars for everybody.
Cars that are standing still most of the time so think about how much we are over producing and wasting resources that this planet has to offer on a massive scale. The car industry also lives on parts so you better break it fast otherwise we got jobs to fire.

Please understand that we should embrace new technology and science to create a society were we can rid of most jobs. Picture a full automated world. No more poverty, no more politics, no more scarcity and conditioning that turns people into so called thieves in the first place.
You can't fight the system from within with the tools that are made with this system. Think outside the box and care for somebody.