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there no need for assange the chinese are workin on it, we will miss the usa soon in 2030 when we will be working in chinese factory.compared.the usa isnt perfect but il take it anyday over for exemple, the chinese governement who represents everything that is soulless and wrong.
LOL, I hear you brother. Balances and checks. It's supposed to be what the USA is all about. China cannot become a world power unless the USA inadvertently makes them one. Only time will tell at this point.

This world needs Assanges: whisteblowers keep the powers that be in check. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and all that.

If someone is more bothered by leaked documents than the horrors they reveal, then I would question their humanity. No joke.
No, every nation NEEDS it's secrets. People are always trying to undermine their governments, worse yet other countries try to do it. and living in the US, I NEED my government. I can't do the things I do in any other country.