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Old 24th August 2012
There is no such thing as a "poor man's SSL", just as there is no such thing as a "poor man's Ferrari". Some things are not designed for the purpose of servicing the so-called "poor man". SSL as a production tool designer/manufacturer is one of those things.

The Nucleus, while not tens of kilobucks, isn't what any prototypical, middle-classed westerner would call easily affordable, though it's significantly less expensive than a large format analog console. Therefore that's not for the so-called "poor man".

The software could reasonably be considered affordable by the majority of potential buyers. But it doesn't sound exactly like the hardware, even though some consider it very close. That alone precludes you from having, for all intents and purposes, an authentic SSL console in software and controller form, which makes the assertion of the opposite null and void.

"Someday things will sound exactly the same" is not now, and might never be now, so it's irrelevant. But perhaps more important is the point that with the software available at anyone's disposal these days, and a lot of skill and care, one can get extremely high quality results from their signal processing ITB. So like the other poster that asked, I ask: Why does it matter (about having an exact software clone of SSL hardware)? If you have the ears and experience you can pull off whatever sound you need ITB. But it will sound like YOU and your efforts, not like (...insert famous brand name...), which is kind of the point anyway, right?