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There is a petition on calling to free Pussy Riot. It has 140,000 signatures.

I read an interesting article from The Atlantic just now, courtesy of Google News' dedicated section on Pussy Riot, entitled The Kony-ification of Pussy Riot. It is a provoking read.
Thanks for the petition.

It's interesting to see the Google (and The Atlantic) is doing a backhanded attempt to discredit the movement by somehow equating it with the Kony fiasco.
If you read the Atlantic article and took from it that conclusion, I'd suggest that it might be worth your while to re-read it. The article certainly does not discredit the motivation of those who support Pussy Riot; it rather reasons with those who are outraged at Pussy Riot's circumstances to consider also the broader issue of the Russian government's general-case treatment of political activism and activists. It seems to me a fair point to make, and a reasonable context to add: the media-friendly band Pussy Riot has captured the West's attention, but the author hopes that this attention can expand to include other unjustly imprisoned and threatened Russian political activists.