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I just dropped cash on a nucleus as well. I have only had it a few days but I do think that for me it's worth it.. I paid about 4400 for it.. I have tried a couple other supposed controllers ie m audio novation and this Is ten times better. Plus I can use the pres in it.

It's a steep learning curve but I think I can drop the mouse in bout 90 % of cases given some time setting it up

But it's not a console. I do find that already I am mixing more with my ears and not my eyes.. I like the duende channel strip very much. I have VCC and the UAD ssl strip also so figuring out how I like to work.

It's a lot of cash for sure but to me the faders ,knobs, jog wheel that really work, presa button load your plug in , all the time is awesome.
No, it's not. For $5k I don't expect it to be. But if I can get close to the sound and workflow of a real console, for a lot less cash, I'll take it.