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Originally Posted by Rune Rask View Post
Console emulating plugs, are made with digital distortion and noise.

I myself like to grit things a bit up, thats why i got myself a SSL 4032, it was not disproportionate expensive to buy, I paid about 27k for the console, most people from western industrialized countries are capable of raising that kind of money sometime in their lifetime.
You may have to do without a car, your annual trip for ibiza or even worse 5000 pints of beer at the local bar

I also use a daw with plugins before I hit the console, but to compare modeling plugins and a real analog console seems with all respect a little unknown and sonic untrained.
It's like comparing a digital piano with a steinway grand piano, or a drummer with a rythmebox.

it is not the same.

dont get me wrong, i love my daw, but think my daw loves my console even more
I never said they sound the same now, but are you really brave enough to assert that they will never ever ever sound the same? not even 100 years from now? c'mon...