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Unpaid slavery?


Being an intern is voluntary. You can quit any time.

Being an intern is an opportunity to get an education without spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a worthless piece of paper - and having a shot a starting a career.

Did you have an experience as an intern where you felt "ripped off"? Maybe you should look to yourself - if you don't exhibit a positive attitude and show attention to detail in your menial tasks why should they ever trust you with something important? If you can't even clean a toilet why would they trust you to clean a $100,000 tape machine? If you have a sulky, resentful attitude when you bring the coffee, why would they want your attitude in the control room or anywhere with half a mile of a client?

No body has ever asked me to get them a hot drink... I just don't look like that type of person...

I look like the type of person you don't want to see with a hot drink in their hands... Because I am that kind of person...

All jittery and edgy, looking sideways, about to run cry fight and **** at the same time as fall asleep grinning...

You advertising for workers? I just might apply.