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I think I detect a major case of sour grapes.

Did you have a bad experience? Or are you merely talking out of your hat?

If you did have a bad experience did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason it didn't go anywhere for you is because of the same attitudes you express on a regular basis in this very forum - attitudes that are pretty much anathema to anybody with any real experience in the industry?
lol.. you don't know me uh uh uhhhh

commercial photographer that learned the biz by working as an assistant for a number of years and got paid real well for it too because as an assistant i kicked ass!!

sour grapes?? good lord man... you come off as one of the sourest, crankiest, bitterest person here

let it go!! free yourself from the hate filled chains that bind you!!!

ameeeeeennn and halleluiah!!!!

*channeling firesign theater*