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It's this kind of posting that shows you're interested in and support unpaid slavery...

Why do you promote slavery?

Are you a slaver yourself or are you a slave suffering some form of Helsinky Syndrome?

Answer my questions or don't. Either way have a nice day.
Unpaid slavery?


Being an intern is voluntary. You can quit any time.

Being an intern is an opportunity to get an education without spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a worthless piece of paper - and having a shot a starting a career.

Did you have an experience as an intern where you felt "ripped off"? Maybe you should look to yourself - if you don't exhibit a positive attitude and show attention to detail in your menial tasks why should they ever trust you with something important? If you can't even clean a toilet why would they trust you to clean a $100,000 tape machine? If you have a sulky, resentful attitude when you bring the coffee, why would they want your attitude in the control room or anywhere with half a mile of a client?