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Knowing and agreeing to terms is much different than having choice taken away against ones' will.
The OP has a good opportunity to get a free education and resume in exchange for a little grunt work.
sort of a horse of a different color really. if the predominance is to not pay interns (of course it can be rationalized right? hey, they're getting a matter of fact, they should be paying us for the privilege! [which i think actually goes on in places] ).... then whats the difference in the method of how you got there, you really have no choice in the matter whether it be outright slavery or the industry as a collective policy won't pay interns.

well, so, go into another line of work your answer would be... that is your freedom right there pal!!
well, the same can be said for your not being able to sustain a living in your industry... you're free to find a more lucrative line of work!

but.. oh, no, you'll say.... MY work is being destroyed by thievery. its apples and oranges.

to which i will say, as above... how your industry is being bulldozed by the cultural and technology conditions of an entire planet is really no different than the intern who's being forced... yes... forced... to play along cuz businesses and corporations all collectively realized in recent years, that, hey...we don't really have to pay these people at all. we hold all the cards!

now the thing you ARE FREE to do, is to just what you guys are doing... fighting against piracy and for upholding copyright laws.

the interns are also free to try and change the corporate mindset to one where people get paid again.

in either case, obviously there's no guarantee you'll change anything, but who sez life's fair anyway, eh?