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Old 21st August 2012
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Cant export in Studio One! super choppy and bad export file HELP!

OKAY! I used Studio one for awhile! loved it,learned it and was gonna ditch pro tools for it.I had my digi 003 faders and transport buttons going.I recorded my 3rd song into it this past weekend,added a couple plug-ins to the vocal and was gonna export to sent out to the artist.I go to export mixdown thinkin everything is fine but NO,The program got super choppy during export and didnt export the song all the way AND The song was riddled with audio glitches,skips etc. Thought it was my hard drive so i moved the session to my comp and had the same thing.Uninstalled 2.0.5,put in 2.0.6 same prob! im not doin any crazy plug-in work and everything is super smoooth except when exporting which makes this program unuseable for me now.I dont wanna go back to pro tools! got hella errors there and i hate the sound of it.Studio one had a noticable,better diff in sound.Id like to use Reaper but i cant get my 003 faders working (SOMEONE HELP).Anyways i gotta figure this today cause this is slowin down my production.Got deadlines and a record label to run.ANY HELP would be much appreciated! Im familiar with Reaper and would love to use it but i gotta have my 003 faders to work with it or its a no go THX people.