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now i'm perplexed. of course you'd hear about it on tv and radio but its also all over the web as well.

however nowadays, for all intents and purposes, tv and radio are more part of as well as an extension of the internet rather than the other way round
The content on television needs to please advertisers (unless it's viewer-supported). That severely affects the content that reaches your couch (e.g. filtering, framing of issues, etc). And the obvious, natural eventuality of having news outlets that are owned by corporations and beholden to advertisers (i.e. other corporations) is that those news outlets develop actual political agendas that align with the agendas of the people who sign the checks.

Pretty common sense.

The internet isn't like that (yet). If you have the internet, you can have access to raw information (e.g. accounts of Afghanistan that haven't been filtered through the corporate media, accounts of Occupy Wall Street that don't frame them as "dirty hippie socialists", etc). The internet enables kids to set up LiveStream feeds of live events, and anyone in the world with the internet can watch.

This is unprecedented in history. It offers great hope.

When I was 12 or 13 I saw a segment on CNN where they were showcasing the beauty of a fighter jet. The elegance of the design, the sophistication and accuracy of the technology...then I remembered that this machine was designed to mow down entire villages of people at a time, and I got the distinct impression that these "journalists" weren't doing they're job.

Anyway...yes, some aspects of the internet mirror television, but beyond that the internet is (mostly) wild and free.