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The way I see it, is that no amount of money is comparable to being sentenced to two years in a labor camp for political/religious purposes. A world where this can happen is scary indeed, but an internet where this can't even be reported is at least as bad. The SOPA language was vague, that scares people. Not defending google here, but I think it is best not to compare this incident with the recent legislation attempt. That was speculated censorship, this is real, and it deserves to be treated independently IMO.
my point exactly.

google tricked people into confusing free beer with free speech by running a scare campaign internet black out, but here we have ACTUAL censorship and oppression and Jimmy Wales is on his yacht and Larry Page is flying to an island on his private jet...

let's not be naive' about this... google is about money, not personal freedoms, that much is clear from their (lack of) respect for personal privacy.

it's time the faithful woke up, they're only interested in money. big corporate advertising money. not freedom of speech, not censorship, not artists rights, and not even human rights.