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So where are Google and their shills at Wikipedia on this issue? Why are they not speaking up if they're so "opposed" to censorship?

The fact is that they're not really opposed to censorship at all, they're opposed to what threatens their bottom line and are perfectly willing to use anything, including "censorship" as an excuse to stir up opposition, even when they know what they're saying is a lie - and when a REAL censorship issue comes up they're nowhere to be found because they have no financial interest - or possibly because they feel it's in their interest not to rile the Russian government.
I pretty much agree, my only point was that since this is a real cesorship issue it should not be lumped in with, and confused, for business practices. We all know google doesn't really care about that, but the people who do should focus on the actual issue at hand and not try to use it as leverage.