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... hope some label likes it enough to want to sign me up. Does this even happen anymore?

I honestly DON'T care at all about making money.
No it doesn't happen often as in hardly ever. Don't kid yourself no one will be looking on the web for your music unless you make them. So don't be suckered into that false security of hope for a deal landing in your lap it just doesn't happen that easily. So if you want to get on a label don't post tracks if you thinks there's any chance it maybe holding you back in the future.

But if you don't care about making money chuck em all up online. If just letting people listen is your goal then knock yourself and upload anywhere and everywhere. It won't matter if people rip and download because your not fussed about making money from it.

You need to choose one or the other. This is before self-promoting or networking, exposure is involved. Things like band camp offer you to let people listen for a very low price which could be just what your looking for, a sort of middle ground. Don't forget no one will buy unless they've heard about your music in some form or another.

But I would seriously consider a good music industry book as you seem a little unsure about what you want to do. Read a book make notes then decided what you want to do and make a plan. There's to much to be said on a forum and to many opinions to cloud your thoughts and judgement.

I guess others can help to but The Guerilla Guide to the Music Business is a good start as are many other books.