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funny how many people on the internet like to use the word "censorship" when they fear they might not get their free beer... but when there's REAL censorship and oppression there's no online protests, no google/wikipedia blackouts, no solidarity for artists actually being persecuted and censored...

wow, just wow... now I know for sure the freehadists are really full of BS...
guess what... the whole world is aware of it because of the internet.

the whole world was watching whats been happening in the mid east because of the internet. why, you even got to see something shoved up Gaddafi's butt.

the real tragedy is what the slippery slope of internet censorship means when political protesters communications are eventually strangled and blacked out to the rest of the world.

reality is that people downloading movies and music is a piddling side issue by comparison. ironically, what you say about 'freehadists' can be said about you guys boosting your importance in the world so much out of proportion that it may very well lead to full scale censorship in every aspect