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How to get there remains unclear to me. Think of experimental techno artists such as "Actress" or "Oneohtrix Point Never". They don't have a brand as a DJ or producing for others or remixing. They're quite outside the norms of the genres they work within. They just made some great tracks that somehow got noticed, released an EP on a decent label, got a good review from Resident Advisor, etc. Maybe they had some well connected friends. I have no idea. Anyway, thanks for any further suggestions.
Read up on those bands. "Actress" toured for years before finding a mentor and working the LA club scene. "Oneohtrix Point Never" released stuff on his own for 7 years on limited run CDs before a small label took notice and hooked him with with a proper producer.

The "somehow" was MANY MANY years of hard work, fine tuning, branding a name to a sound and image, and putting themselves out there for the world to notice.

If your goal is to be a hobbiest, to be discovered after years of fine tuning, like these acts, then put all your work out for the world to hear, and continue to do so!