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My sound is not exactly polished DJ friendly big club music. It's a bit on the more raw side. Some of it gets more techie and some more experimental. I've never been interested in DJ'ing or touring. I would like to focus on trying to get my music played and heard by niche crowd that my music would appeal to.

I don't make mainstream sounding stuff and I don't need to make a living off of music. I know of MANY artists (not personally) who don't tour or produce for others. They may play somewhere now and then but sometimes they are some computer programmer who happens to make very strange music on the side that's played on college radio and maybe at some music festivals. They may have some releases on the more edgy labels on Beatport or elsewhere. Touring and Dj-ing, networking just doesn't suit my personality. It's not that I'm being lazy, I'd just be incredibly awful and awkward doing it. I spend countless nights producing music that I just want heard beyond my small circle of friends who don't really listen to my style of music anyway.

So.... from what I've stated, should I not go the BandCamp website route? Ideally I'd want Beatport, but they are very difficult to release a new unknown label made up of one artist at this time. Even though Beatport is mostly comprised of generic techno / electro, it's still a popular spot for less mainstream electronic music.

Again, I'm not trying to be lazy or dismissive, but i do know what I want. How to get there remains unclear to me. Think of experimental techno artists such as "Actress" or "Oneohtrix Point Never". They don't have a brand as a DJ or producing for others or remixing. They're quite outside the norms of the genres they work within. They just made some great tracks that somehow got noticed, released an EP on a decent label, got a good review from Resident Advisor, etc. Maybe they had some well connected friends. I have no idea. Anyway, thanks for any further suggestions.