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Maybe it's just me, but I tend to regard free music the way I regard having flyers shoved in my hand around town. :-) There is a human tendency to regard something free as of little value. If you really want to expose your music to people, maybe try to use it in an amusing YouTube video of some kind, or as music in amateur or Indie films at any level. Depending on the music type, it might be good background for motocross or extreme sport videos at any level.
Incidental exposure to your music via multimedia is always a good thing and breeds familiarity into your material, and you never know where it can lead. But don't give too much away, and save some of your stuff for professional use if thats what you're after. Just my two cents.
It's not just you. Value is a perception. There are thousand net labels (free) out there that put out decent music, however no one pays attention to them because they are perceived as lower quality, and generally they are. No one is dumping cash into tunes that are being given away for free. And in return, no one is charting, playing, or promoting those tracks the way a record label would.