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The only way I'd put tracks on soundcloud is if you are trying to promote yourself as an artist. I'd also make sure you have other social network accounts and are generally putting yourself out there, networking etc. Personally, it doesn't seem like you are interested in going that route, which is totally fine and pretty much confirms that you are better set for making a label.

My personal opinion is that a proper label should have a website (with your own URL www...), as well as other social media outlets - whichever suites you / your audience best. You should consider having a proper brand designed for your label as well. This includes logo, colors, design elements and general look/feel. This will be used on your website, release artwork, etc.

Once you have everything setup (web, social, tracks, artwork, etc) you can apply for distribution. There are plenty of threads on here about which distros are best for your specific genre or online retailer of your choice (beatport, juno, digital downloads, etc)

Another good idea is to check out labels that fit in your genre and be somewhat on par with whatever they are doing. Be unique, and be yourself.