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If you are tired of shopping tracks around to labels, might as well start your own. You'd need a simple website, release artwork, fb page, artists, etc. But this would allow you to have complete creative control as well as the ability to release whatever you want, when you want, instead of leaving it up to another label to decide.

Few questions...

How are you promoting yourself as an artist?
Do you perform? dj / live act?
Are you doing remixes for other people?
I don't perform or dj. I just produce my music in my own place. I don't do remixes either.

So out of my 32 finished and professionally tracks, I should only put up 3 of them on SoundCloud? With EM having a short shelf life, what am I suppose to do with the other 29 tracks I've spent so much time and effort on?

By my own website, do you mean something like BandCamp or something completely my own? I'm beginning to opt for doing my own label with only my own music.