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There are a few reasons why you don't want to do that...

The problem with uploading to SC,BC,FB, etc is that it's not secure. Anyone can rip a track off the internet. It may not be the best quality, but it's ripped. And once it's ripped... well, say good bye.

The other problem with promoting your own unsigned tracks is that once the track has been heard, it's old news. Labels want to control the release and how it makes it's way onto the dance floor. Huge djs get first stabs at tunes from good labels, the whole "promo list" factor still exists. EM doesn't have a very long shelf life, which is good and bad depending on how you look at the industry.

Some things you CAN do, is promote specific tracks on the net and put them up for free download. These are tracks that you can live with never being released, not your best work, but not your "throw away" tracks either. If your tracks are good enough then it proves to a label that you can make good tunes for them, especially if you have a consistent following and they like your style, etc. Doing this will also help you network and promote your name, all good things. There is also the option to put up clips of your work, versus the entire track, but again there are certain risks that come with that.

If you are tired of shopping tracks around to labels, might as well start your own. You'd need a simple website, release artwork, fb page, artists, etc. But this would allow you to have complete creative control as well as the ability to release whatever you want, when you want, instead of leaving it up to another label to decide.

Few questions...

How are you promoting yourself as an artist?
Do you perform? dj / live act?
Are you doing remixes for other people?

Keep in mind that now days it's not about one hit tune, but rather the complete package and consistency over time. If I like a specific artist, I'm going to see them live, play their tunes, and (almost) always buy their latest tune regardless of the label.. why? because I know I'm getting quality music from an artist who works his ass off. I hate to say it, but the "Name" almost means more than the "Tune" in today's EM industry.