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Non-downloadable sites like Soundcloud are great. I'd put your best three up.

I wouldn't start selling on iTunes.

In '07 I leaked some of my music to the blogs, which were exploding at the time for the first time. Ended up #1 on Hype Machine like 14 times off one song. It got picked up and sold by a huge label long after it had been making rounds on the internet, and then sold fine once the label put it out.

Point being - good, relevant, current sounding music music wins. Period. A hit is a hit is a hit, whether its leaked or not. It will get noticed by people if its a hit. It will chart if its a hit. Labels will pay you for it if its a hit. People will pay the labels for it if its a hit. Doesn't matter at all if its leaked or not. Labels will want to own the master. Companies will want to license the master. Money will be made for all. Exposure happens naturally.

And if its not a hit, then either play a different game (using a swath of good enough songs to carefully network your way to the middle of the pack by only getting them into the hands of the right people), or keep learning more about music, sonics, and lyrics till you have your hit!