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Is it true that if I put my music out on SoundCloud, BandCamp, and other places such as iTunes through a digital distributor such as Label Worx, that my tracks or albums no longer have much of a chance of being picked up by any electronic music labels? I remember back when I used to buy records and CDs that an artist would release on their own label or a "white sleeve" and then if it was well received, it would be taken up by a real label. I have roughly 30 tracks professionally mastered, and now wondering if I should just spam labels with my mp3 uploads of my tracks or put them all up on my own SoundCloud and BandCamp sites and hope some label likes it enough to want to sign me up. Does this even happen anymore?

I honestly DON'T care at all about making money. I have a regular job full-time job (not that it pays so well, but it helps me live comfortably enough). I just want to get my music out there and heard or played for enough people. I've worked too hard for too long for my music to be locked up inside my computer.
I don't know too much about labels or the big dance music industry or anything. But if you want to get your music out there I would suggest putting it up on Soundcloud. It just makes it a lot easier for friends/family/random people to see your music.