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Old 16th August 2012
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The Rock Mark II

An update, though there doesn't seem to be much interest in this thread.

I decided to try The Rocks Mark II, so I spent the day with them in my studio, the first ones in Canada. I did as much testing as I could. I'm in a small (12 x 16 x 8 foot) room, untreated as yet, so I was worried that the low end (-3db at 33Hz) might be overwhelmingly boomy. As it turned out, nothing to worry about, the sound was beautiful across the spectrum. I didn't get much below 40Hz, presumably because of my room, but I will be looking at optimizing monitor placement and room treatment over the next little while. I've just received my calibrated Galaxy CM-140 sound level meter for use with REW, and I have the 1K ARC version 2. But, I guess because it's a sealed cabinet, the Rocks sound great in my untreated room.

One of the highlights of the Rocks was directly contrary to the Sound On Sound findings, though they reviewed the original Rocks. The stereo imaging was spectacular, even with two sets of monitors between them. Once I optimize their placement, imaging should be even better. And I certainly didn't hear any unpleasant brightness that was mentioned in another thread. I just heard detail throughout all frequency ranges that should make mixing a pleasure, though I didn't have a chance to try that today.

Long story short, my Rocks will be arriving on Friday, the second set in Canada. Anybody want to buy a pair of Tannoy System 800's with a Hafler TransNova amp?