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Let's say that you work with a band on a regular basis as their live mix guy, they know you do studio work too, and they ask for your opinion on their latest CD.

Perhaps they have some misgivings after getting the first batch pressed, and maybe they didn't get you to do the mix of the CD as they wanted the studio guy who recorded it to mix it and master it, or maybe they didn't know that someone else could mix the studio multitrack, or even that someone else could master it…

So if they asked for your opinion, how honest would you be, and how far would you go in your honest critical appraisal?

Would you offer technical commentary only (e.g. the overall loudness is way below comparable commercial or independent CDs in the same genre), would you offer somewhat subjective comments (e.g. there is too much room sound and the dynamics are so uncontrolled that it sounds like a demo), would you offer mix criticism (e.g. the guitar is not loud enough here for the musical function you might be expecting it to perform, or has a poor tone), or would you go so far as to offer the opinions of a producer (e.g. in the third tune in the second bar of the repeat the saxophone high note is a bit flat, and he could have done it better)?

Interested to hear how you would approach this, especially for a client who seems to like your work.
I'd tell him what I think, as objectively as possible.