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I own a couple of cmv653's and a um57. I used to use a psu from neumann, one that I had never seen before mine came from germany. It was half the size of an n61. I found Bill Bradleys supply cleaned up the midrange and opened the sound up. I didnt have noise problems with either mic or either supply. I find te 563 to be a bit creamier and pretty sounding and the um57 to be pushed forward more, better for male rock vox.

The um57 does indeed work with the cmv supply but only gives cardiod pattern. Im happy enough with that right now.

Also, Im planning an order of the tuchel ends which both of these mics use, the female end that attaches to the mic. It takes a long time for gefell canada to get the ends and ship them to the usa, but if anyone wants in on the order, contact me off site at [email protected] I also have a bunch of nice gotham tube mic cable which I bought to make extra cables.