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Hey man, I'm with you on this...all I was saying is that they should go after the companies that are making money out of piracy/exploitation (directly and indirectly) rather than some end-users...for their own sake too.

For example, the FBI know well enough to go after drug dealers/creators and attack the end-users by education rather than heavily prosecuting or making examples out of them.

Sorry but this is the paradox of copyright legislation; copying is fundamental to the creative process, Beethoven copied Mozart/Haydn, and certainly didn't compensate them for it... though occasionally had the humility to dedicate a thing or two. I'm sure glad Jeff Buckley was allowed to make use of all those songs without some legislation breathing down his throat. If every time an up and coming artist got up on stage to sing a cover, he was arrested for "piracy", well, bring that to its logical conclusion...

Basically, police it at the point(s) of revenue, and leave the kids alone.
Wrong on all counts.