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I glanced over some of it, but that is beside the point: reading legislation is not for those unversed in law, sorry, unless you have a law degree you cannot interpret what is between the lines...

I agree with Wikipedia's stance on SOPA. The message from the Wikipedia Blackout: Please leave the Internet alone — Wikimedia blog

Also, that's a YouTube video by a professor at NYU. Not just some idiot...Clay Shirky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Let's agree to disagree on this one.
In other words you didn't bother to read it and just swallowed the lies you were fed.

Thanks a lot.

You do understand that Wikipedia has a vested interest in and is largely funded by the anti-copyright crowd? And that Google, one of the primary players in the anti-copyright movement invests heavily in funding academics who will deliver opinions favoring thjeir position?