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Warren, I was hoping you'd give me your take on this, you sell almost every brand I'm interested in, and I know you only sell brands that you believe in.

Unfortunately, the only PSI model that's in this price range is the A17-M, and it only goes down to 50Hz at -2.5db. I'm assuming that I'd need a sub with it, so that puts it out of my current price range, though people I trust (including you) feel that they are wonderful monitors. Same thing with the Neumann KH120A and the Focal Solo6, the addition of a matching high-quality sub would be prohibitive.

As I've been thinking about this since starting this thread, I'm beginning to feel that psycho_monkey was right, the size of my room will be the limiting factor. I may not be able to do enough treatment (WAF is involved) to stop these speakers from overwhelming my room, though I've had fair success with subwoofers because of the placement flexibility. So I might have to go to something smaller, with a sub.

Warren, given the similar prices of the Pelonis 42/42lf and the Sonodyne SM100AK/SLF210v2, have you had a chance to compare them? You sell them both, would you be able to describe in which situations each would shine?