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In May, SOS had an "Active Nearfield Monitors Spotlight", where they summarized their highly rated models of the last few years. Included in the list of 10 monitors was the Rock, with no trace of the Opal. Reading between the lines, I might conclude that the Rocks are rated higher in their price range, though I'm not sure if that was the intent.
SOS, Hugh Robjohns review of the PSI, he mentions 'Opals', but not 'the Rock' in his so called list of top monitors---and yes, Hugh Robjohns did review 'The Rock's' one year prior to this statement>

"Reviewing monitor loudspeakers is always a challenge. The technology involved in the vast majority of cases is very mature and with few significant variations. Consequently, the vast majority of monitors perform adequately and comparably to their peers at any given price level. Very few are unusably poor, but equally, very few stand out as exceptionally good. In fact, I can count those models I have reviewed that I would suggest fall into the ‘outstanding’ category on the fingers of one hand. My list would include PMC’s AML1 (September 2001), Earthworks’ Sigma 6.2 (April 2003), and K+H’s O300 (October 2004), with honourable mentions going to Acoustic Energy’s AE22 (May 2008) and, although I didn’t review it, Event’s Opal (August 2009).

However, the time has now come to introduce my second hand to the count, because I have to add a new contender for the honour: PSI Audio’s A21M monitor (and the A17M too). In short, these speakers are extraordinary and deliver a level of performance and accuracy that vanishingly few two?way designs can match, and which would shame a great many three?way offerings. There is no denying that they are expensive, but the cost is comparable to the few other monitors of similar performance and size. Auditioning is highly recommended for serious high?end monitoring applications. "
--Hugh Robjohns

What does that mean? Well, not much to me, but I'd thought to add the counter point for balance.